Redefining Natural
Resource Development

NES is an external & environmental affairs consulting firm helping build long-lasting relationships.

We help facilitate continuity of community and natural resource development projects.

Native Environment Solutions LLC (NES) aims to be a trusted partner for bridging community relationships and environmental regulations.

NES is different from other environmental and archaeological consulting firms because we are led by Tribal and local perspectives on natural and cultural resources. The lack of Tribal and local perspectives in past environmental development has led to conflict and litigation that have compromised public relations, increased project budgets, and threatened successful permitting and project completion.

Our experience working with Native communities ensures that environmental compliance is carried out in a manner that minimizes conflict, enhances public relations, and produces creative project solutions.

We work with clients to develop tailor-made project planning designs centered on the local values of the land on which projects are carried out. NES services provide win-win solutions for clients and the local communities in which they operate. NES achieves more respectful and efficient natural resource development for the new economic, environmental, and social challenges of the 21st century.

State & Federal

Tribal Governments
& Communities

Natural Resource
Development Companies

Catered to Serve.

NES provides a unique suite of options based on project and relationship-specific approaches to the services it provides, resulting in a tailored approach to every project.

Our Values

We will interact with others and conduct our services in alignment with these deeply held values.


We believe in earning trust by conducting ourselves in an honorable and fair fashion with others and in alignment with our natural environment.


We believe in treating others with dignity for their cultural heritage, professional expertise, and unique backgrounds and perspectives.


We believe in listening to and being conscious of the bigger picture implications for our surrounding communities and environment because, ultimately, we are all connected.


We believe in streamlining the natural resource development permitting process by putting Tribal and local consultation at the forefront in order to provide third-party insurance for the government-to-government consultation process.


We believe in being curious and humble so we can learn and take intelligent actions to re-imagine industry norms.


We believe in making purposeful, long-term decisions that preserve and protect our history and sustain our environment and future.