Our Team

At Native Environment Solutions (NES), we are deeply committed to fostering sustainable development practices that honor and preserve the integrity of both cultural and natural resources.

 Our approach is founded on a unique blend of expertise and passion by actively involving Tribal members in leading and executing our field projects. This unique collaboration ensures our projects are not only led but informed by the very communities they impact. With innovative thinking and a commitment to excellence, we tackle every project with the goal of achieving sustainable outcomes that benefit Tribal communities and the environment.

Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of experts in their fields, with each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to our mission of providing win-win solutions for clients and the local communities in which they operate. Together, we bring years of experience, innovative thinking, and a commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

Erick Robinson

Vice President, Senior Archeologist

Erick Robinson, PhD, RPA is the Vice President and Senior Archeologist at Native Environment Solutions, where he leverages over 20 years of experience in compliance, research-related archaeology, and environmental science across North America and Europe. He received his PhD in Archaeology from The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) and was a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Ghent University (Belgium), University of Wyoming, and Utah State University. Erick’s notable contributions include his work as a Research Scientist on a six-year National Science Foundation-funded project that built a comprehensive archaeological radiocarbon database from all environmental compliance documents in the Lower 48 states. He has over 50 international peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, American Antiquity, Journal of Archaeological Science, and Radiocarbon, and has edited three books, most recently Cultural Landscapes and Long-Term Human Ecology for Springer Press. Presently, he serves as an Associate Research Professor of Climate and Archaeology in the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at The Desert Research Institute, as a Visiting Scholar in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University, and co-leads the International Scientific Working Group “Paleoclimate and the Peopling of the Earth (People3000).”


Growing up in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, a region with the highest number of Tribal Government headquarters in the United States and located just 10 miles downstream from an EPA Superfund Site, Erick has developed a deep and personal understanding of the complex relationships between Tribal communities, local populations, and environmental development projects. This unique background has equipped him with an intimate knowledge of the challenges and responsibilities of navigating the intersection of archaeology, Native American communities and their cultural landscapes, and environmental conservation. Erick’s work is characterized by a commitment to fostering respectful and sustainable relationships across these fields, reflecting his dedication to integrating historical insights with contemporary environmental and cultural preservation efforts.

Hayley Rambur

Project Manager

Hayley Rambur plays a pivotal role as a Project Manager at Native Environment Solutions, backed by eight+ years in the mining industry. Her journey is deeply rooted in her expertise in corporate social responsibility, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, along with a passion for engaging communities, navigating indigenous affairs, and driving conversations forward. With degrees in Geology and Secondary Education from the University of Idaho, she has cultivated a versatile skill set that spans database management, project oversight, and strategic communication.

As a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Hayley’s work is enriched with a personal and culturally nuanced perspective, empowering her to establish meaningful connections with Tribal communities. Her career highlights include a significant role as the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Perpetua Resources, contributing her expertise to the Stibnite Gold Project in Idaho. Beyond her professional achievements, Hayley is a passionate advocate for STEM education, committed to inspiring the next wave of environmental scientists. Serving on the Idaho STEM Action Center Foundation Board, she champions educational initiatives that bring much-needed resources to rural and natural resource education throughout Idaho. Hayley’s dedication seamlessly blends environmental stewardship with community and indigenous involvement, striving to promote sustainable development and enhance educational outreach in her community and beyond.