About Us

Native Environment Solutions

At Native Environment Solutions (NES), we are a third-party external and environmental affairs consulting firm dedicated to fostering sustainable development practices that honor and preserve the integrity of both cultural and natural resources. Established in 2023 by Erick Robinson and Hayley Rambur, NES is rooted in a deep commitment to supporting Tribal Governments, Natural Resource Developers, and Federal/State Agencies through a comprehensive range of services designed to navigate the complexities of cultural and natural resource management.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to provide technical support and advisory services that facilitate sustainable natural resource development. We prioritize projects and initiatives that respect and engage with Tribal Governments and Communities. We give employment preference to Tribal citizens and members of local communities so their respective values can be inherently involved in each project we undertake. 

Our Commitment

Since 2023, NES has been steadfast in our commitment to improving and sustaining Tribal relationships. Our dedication to our mission has guided us through every project, driving our efforts to ensure that development and conservation efforts go hand in hand with respect and recognition for Tribal sovereignty and cultural heritage.

Who We Are

At Native Environment Solutions, we are more than a consulting firm; we are partners in creating a future that honors our past while embracing cutting-edge sustainable development practices for the well-being of our planet and its diverse cultures. Learn more about who we are and what we do here.