Community Project Support & Implementation

Community Project Support & Implementation

Led by Tribal and local values, NES is dedicated to ensuring environmental development projects achieve their objectives while fostering positive relationships with the communities they impact. Our community project support and implementation services are designed to facilitate this, offering strategic community engagement, educational programs, and support with grant development and writing.

Effective community engagement is at the heart of successful environmental development projects. NES specializes in developing and implementing strategic engagement plans that are tailored to the needs and values of each community. Our approach involves Tribal consultation and collaboration and organizing community meetings and forums. By actively listening to and incorporating community feedback, we ensure projects are more socially sustainable, widely accepted, and supported by those they affect.

Education is a powerful tool for understanding and supporting environmental development projects. NES provides specialized capacity-building support, application development, and training opportunities for Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) programs. We create and deliver educational programs and visual displays that make complex project information accessible and engaging for community members. Whether it’s interactive workshops, informational kiosks, or engaging multimedia presentations, our educational initiatives are designed to inform communities about the benefits of projects, the importance of environmental stewardship, and the role of cultural heritage preservation. These programs increase the involvement of community members in environmental development projects

Securing funding is often a critical component of implementing community-focused projects. NES offers comprehensive grant development and writing services to assist clients in identifying funding opportunities, developing strong grant proposals, and navigating the submission process. Our 20+ years of expertise spans a wide range of grant sources, including federal, state, and private foundations, particularly those focused on environmental conservation, cultural heritage preservation, and community development.

Why Partner with Native Environment Solutions?

Choosing NES means choosing a partner committed to making environmental development projects a source of capacity building opportunities for tribal and local communities. Our services in THPO training, strategic community engagement, educational program development, and grant writing are all geared toward ensuring projects meet their environmental and regulatory goals and contribute positively to the communities involved.

  • A partner with a deep understanding of the importance of cultural preservation in environmental projects.
  • Innovative and engaging educational content that enhances knowledge transfer surrounding complex projects.
  • Expertise in securing funding for community-focused initiatives.
  • A commitment to creating lasting, positive impacts on both the environment and local communities.

Supporting Our Clients

At Native Environment Solutions, we believe that the success of environmental development projects is intricately linked to community support and involvement. Our community project support and implementation services are designed to ensure this connection is nurtured and strengthened throughout the project lifecycle. Let us help you integrate effective community engagement, education, and funding strategies into your project, paving the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and successful outcome. For more information about our community project support and implementation services, contact us by filling out our online form or emailing us at [email protected].